FLUX : Project and Team Introduction

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So, what is Flux ?

It’s a game, or rather a toy, that we are making as part of our graduation project at ICAN, France. 
We are a team of 6 people :

Hugo Bourbon : Sound Design

Ludovic Moge : Project Management, Game Design, Programmation

Henri Patrier : Art Direction, Graphisms

Logan Porati : Game Design, Programmation

Arthur Sorignet Gautrot : Game Design

Nicolas Systermans (it’s me!) : Art Direction, Graphisms

In Flux, you dive into a universe populated with small creatures which will navigate along the fluxes that you draw. When placing spheres and connecting them with each other, you will be able to create complex networks and observe the creatures move inside your structures.

Be careful however, the creatures aren’t available in infinite number! You’ll need to make sure to draw your networks in a way that keeps a maximum number of creatures inside them. 

Nevertheless, you can get more creatures by popping bags which appear regularly near your networks. To make a bag pop, you’ll have to move creatures near it, they will then give it energy until it pops, giving you new creatures to play with!

This toy is still in development, so everything stated here is obviously subject to change 😉

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